‘From sex scenes to enchantingly beautiful and cruelly poetic scenes… a genuinely hallucinatory achievement.’ (Aurun Horror Film Encyclopedia)


A band of brutal shipwreckers rape and murder two young girls, only to find them re-emerging as spectres after having made a pact with the devil.

The best thing about the movie is Joelle Coeur, who plays the female leader of the sailor/ship wreckers. Shes sadistic, charismatic and truly perverse, masturbating on the beach as her followers rape the two girls. Scenes in the abbey are beautiful and atmospheric, evoking the style and mood wehave come to expect and love from a Rollin movie. This is Rollin at his most delirious, sadistic and dubious.

Special Features

  • Theatrical trailer
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  • Video art
  • Redemption Trailers
  • Bonus Triple Silence feature: The Nuns “White Slaves” music video

Film Details

  • Cast: Lieva Lone, Patricia Hermenier, John Rico, Willy Braque, Paul Bisciglia, Louise Dhour, Ben Zimet, Mireille Dargent, Miletic Zivomir, Isabelle Copejans, Yves Collignon, Veronique Fanis, Monika, Jacqueline Priest, Anne Watticant.
  • Label: Redemption

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