Written and Directed by Jess Franco, 1973, aka Les Demons

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In the wake of the massive controversy surrounding Ken Russell’s The Devils, several filmmakers rushed to create their own Inquisition horror films, inspired by the true story of satanic possession at the convent of Loudun. The Demons is Jess Franco’s stellar entry in the nunsploitation canon, with a degree of sadism and sexual explicitness that overshadows its competitors.

While being burned at the stake, an accused witch curses the principal witchfinder and his minions. As a result, members of royalty and the religious establishment are caused to suffer (or, some might say, enjoy) a series of human depravities. Franco photographs the scenes of torture, sex, and demon possession with a sense of tenderness that is both aesthetically pleasing and deeply unsettling.

Previously unreleased in the US, this Redemption edition represents the complete, uncensored version of the film..


  • Interview with Jess Franco by David Gregory (16 min)
  • Six minutes of deleted footage
  • Two theatrical trailers
  • “Jess! What are you doing Now!” an 8-minute homage to Jess Franco by Daniel Gouyette.
  • Trailers for other Franco films

Film Details

  • French language with optional English subtitles English dubbed
  • Cast: Howard Vernon, Anne Libert, Britt Nichols, Luis Barboo, Karin Field, Alberto Dalbés, Doris Thomas