The band has been created in February 2003 by Olivier and Cedric. The singer (Laurent) and the guitarist (Stephane) have reached the band several months after the first title creation. The band has joined early 2005 the swiss label Urgence Disk Record and released their first album. Dolls of Pain proposes an original music, a blend of each member influences. One can say that Dolls of Pain is coumpounded of Dark Electro, of New Wave, of an Indus drop and of an aftertaste of pop. For others, it is rhythm, pure energy shaded by latex and leather. Fetichist words lead to introspection of our own wishes, our hidden desires of domination and…. being dominated. Since 2004, the band Dolls of Pain have toured more than 30 times in France, Belgian, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Germany. And then, the show goes on…

Track listing

  • Bring Me Some Flesh
  • Inside
  • New God
  • Forgotten Dream
  • Why ?
  • Donjon
  • Resigne
  • Sworn Enemy
  • Into My Head
  • Join Pain
  • Electrolude
  • Dominer ( Bak XIII Remix ) ( Bonus Remix )
  • Dominer ( Brain Terror Concept ) ( Bonus Remix )
  • Dominer ( A Cold Night Mix by Mesmer’s Eyes ) ( Bonus Remix )

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