12th offering on Redemption’s Japanese cinema label.
Hiroshi lives of his single-mum girlfriend Haruka. After getting drawn into the cricket fighting craze that has gripped the towns he has an epic showdown with Haruka’s cricket-breeding ex-husband.
Director Yuji Tajiri caused a massive stir in pink film making circles with his surprisingly mature emotional drama Rustling in Bed (a.k.a. Office Lady’s Love Juice).
His latest offering is more an energetic parody| and a fine example of the boundary-breaking nature of Japanese sex comedy| with a special effects laden finale that will blow you away.

Special Features

  • Short Film : “Bird of Prey” by Tim Conrad (1997)
  • Redemption Trailers
  • Stills Gallery

Film Details

  • Cast: YOSHIOKA Mutsuo, HIRASAWA Rinako, SANO Kazuhiro, AOYAMA Minami