Featuring gorgeous, lesbian vampires, hippie vampires and aristocratic vampires, mixed with stunning visuals and bizarre sex scenes. Beautifully macabre, and full of visual treats including a medieval castle, coffins, gothic graveyards and a strange woman who emerges from a grandfather clock.Shiver of the Vampiresis like no other vampire film.

Director Jean Rollin manages to mix eroticism with a fairytale quality that is truly magical and makes “Shiver” one of Rollins most celebrated films.

Special Features

  • Interview with Jean Rollin by Dr. Patricia MacCormack (39 minutes)
  • Redemption trailers.
  • Stills gallery

Film Details

  • Cast: Sandra Julien, Jean-Marie Durand, Jacques Robiolles, Michel Delahaye, Marie-Pierre Castel, Kuelan Herce, Nicole Nancel, Jean-Jacques Renon, Dominique
  • Music: Acanthus